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$$$ Dollars and Sense $$$ How Much can I Raise From a Purim Fundraiser? How Much Should I Charge?

October 16, 2007

How Much can I Raise from a Purim Fundraiser? One of our clients has raised close to $80,000! A more realistic number is $20,000 for a membership of 300-500, but we have a few clients in that range that are raising around $40,000 annually. It depends on the size of your “membership” list, and more importantly, how you MARKET and run your fundraiser. If you simply send out one flyer announcing the fundraiser, you’re not going to raise all that much. Multiple mailings, emails and phone calls must be made. This is marketing just like any company does for a product–multiple impressions must be made to ensure success.

How Much Should I Charge? $2-$5 is the average per shalach manot, but $2-$3 seems to be the sweet spot. You should do really well with this Purim fundraiser as long as you send nice baskets, that is, something that would cost $20-$40 retail. Your members thus get a great deal–it only costs them $2-5 to “send” a basket that would cost them $20-$40 to send on their own.