About HappyPurim.com

HappyPurim.com provides a unique web-based software application for managing Mishloach Manot fundraisers.  Through years of research, testing, and lots of great feedback from out clients, we’ve developed the best, most technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use solution for managing a Shalach Manos fundraiser.  For a FREE web-based demo of our amazing software, please contact us by submitting your information HERE or by emailing ari(at)happypurim.com.

We at HappyPurim.com are writing this blog to provide information about Shalach Manot fundraisers.  Namely, we will be writing about our research, statistics, and most importantly, our years of experience managing Shalach Manos fundraisers.  We welcome your questions and comments and will try to respond in timely fashion.

HappyPurim.com is owned and managed by HappyPurim LLC. 

One response to “About HappyPurim.com”

  1. I’m definetly going to give you guys a call closer to Purim. Our software (not web-based) leaves much to be desired. In the meantime, thanks for all the free info!

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