About HappyPurim.com

HappyPurim.com provides a unique web-based software application for managing Mishloach Manot fundraisers.  Through years of research, testing, and lots of great feedback from out clients, we’ve developed the best, most technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use solution for managing a Shalach Manos fundraiser.  For a FREE web-based demo of our amazing software, please contact us by submitting your information HERE or email ari(at)happypurim.com.

HappyPurim.com is owned and managed by HappyPurim LLC. 

2 responses to “About HappyPurim.com”

  1. I’d like to get pricing information and a demo of your software.

    Susan Parilis

  2. Absolutely! You can call us at 646-345-4032 or email sales@happypurim.com anytime.
    Thanks for you interest!

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