Purim Fundraiser Calender/To Do List for 2009

It’s never too early to get started. The really organized people start around Rosh Hashanah (September), but most wait until Channukah (December) or the end of January at the latest. At HappyPurim we’ve gotten calls from organizations looking to run their first Mishloach Manot fundraiser ever, just 2 weeks before Purim! We are able to help you out even last minute, but to run a really successful fundraiser you should start your basic planning in December. Here is a suggested timeline based upon the March 10 date of Purim in 2009.  (This calendar is designed for users of Happy Purim’s Shalach Manot Software based upon our experience. There’s a post from last year with more details for anyone still doing this manually.)

  1. In December:
    1. Identify the person/s who will run the fundraiser
    2. Decide on a “theme” for your baskets (not necessary, but popular; we’ll post more about “themes” later).
  2. By January 10
    1. Compile (or get from organization office) a list of all the members in your organization. Make sure to double check for accuracy!
    2. Figure out where you’re getting your Mishloach Monos supplies or baskets from.
  3. By January 15 – Finalize all details of your Purim fundraiser; *If you’re using HappyPurim.com’s Mishloach Manot software, this is when you should setup your administrative console.
    1. Pricing
    2. Are you offering any type of deal? (early-bird discount, send to as many as you want for a flat price, etc.)
    3. Reciprocity (with our software you can easily charge a different price for Reciprocity orders)
    4. Delivering the baskets or having your members pick them up?
  4. By January 20
    1. Prepare a letter to your members informing them of the details of the Purim project. (HappyPurim has templates available)
    2. If you have a large contingent of non-internet users, prepare a physical order form or download Happy Purim’s order form.
  5. By January 31
    1. Have your order forms, envelopes and/or mailing labels printed. (not necessary if you’re emailing your members)
    2. Make sure you have volunteers to help with the folding and stuffing on February 1st.
  6. On February 1 (Sunday) – Prepare mailing: Fold and Stuff!
  7. On February 2 – Mail or email order forms.
  8. March 1 11:59pm (Sunday)Deadline for placing orders.
  9. Week of March 1-7
    1. Pack the Shalach Monos.
    2. Print your “scrolls” – that is, the personalized letters that list all the names of the people sending to each recipient.  (If using HappyPurim.com, this only takes a few clicks of your mouse!)
  10. March 10 – Deliver the Shalach Monos!
  11. Sometime after Purim – Bill for reciprocity charges.  Not necessary if using HappyPurim.com, it’s automated!

You should modify the above timeline to fit your needs. If we missed anything, or you’ve got a suggestion to add please let us know!

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