Suggested Timeline for Purim 2017

Important:  The dates below are simply suggestions. There is plenty of wiggle room in this timeline.  It’s often best to work BACKWARDS when creating your own timeline, based upon when you need to order supplies for your mishloach manot.

  1. In November
    1. Make sure you get your contract in to qualify for the Happy Purim early bird discount (November 21st)
    2. Sign up for a Happy Purim web tutorial.
    3. Identify the people who will run the fundraiser. Often it’s one or two people to handle the website and marketing of the fundraiser, and a separate group that’s in charge of the baskets.
    4. Decide on a “theme” for your baskets (not necessary, but popular; click here to see a list of 20+ mishloach manot themes).
  2. In December
    1. Figure out where you’re getting your Mishloach Monos supplies or ready made packages from.
    2. Compile (or get from organization office) a list of all the members in your organization. Make sure to double check for accuracy! 
    3. Send the list to support to update your online database or update it on your own.
    4. Finalize all details of your Purim fundraiser and setup your account via the administrative website.
  3. Prior to January 15, 2017
    1. Prepare an email and/or letter to your members informing them of the details of your Purim project. (HappyPurim has templates available)
    2. If you have a large contingent of non-internet users, prepare a physical order form or download Happy Purim’s order form.
    3. Have your order forms, envelopes and/or mailing labels printed. (not necessary if you’re only emailing your members)
    4. Make sure you have volunteers to help with the folding and stuffing on January 15.
  4. On January 15, Sunday – Prepare mailing: Fold and Stuff!
  5. On January 16, Monday – Mail or email order forms.   Typically 3-6 weeks is a good ordering window. Read this post for a discussion about the length of ordering windows.
  6. March 2 11:59pm (Thursday) – Deadline for placing orders. End your fundraiser on a weekday to ensure that anyone who received a reminder email at their work email has a chance to place a last minute order. 
  7. March 5 thru March 10 – Note that you’ve got a bit of wiggle room here to extend your deadline if necessary. Just make sure you leave enough time to purchase your basket supplies and assemble the mishloach manot.
    1. Pack the Shalach Monos.
    2. Print your “scrolls” – that is, the personalized letters that list all the names of the people sending to each recipient.  If using, this only takes a few clicks of your mouse!
  8. March 12 – Purim! – Distribute the Mishloach Manot. if you haven’t yet Congratulations – take a well deserved break and enjoy your Purim! 
  9. Sometime after Purim – Bill for reciprocity charges.  Not necessary if using, it’s automated!

You should modify the above timeline to fit your needs. If we missed anything, or you’ve got a suggestion to add please let us know!

This calendar is designed for users of Happy Purim’s Shalach Manot Software based upon our experience. Click here for a post with more details for anyone still doing this manually.)

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