Mishloach Manot Themes – Purim Basket Themes

It’s become super popular to distribute Shalach Manot baskets with themes. I don’t know how, when, or where this “minhag” got started, but it has really caught on. Our clients are always asking us for ideas, so we thought we’d put together a comprehensive list and post them here. Please email me (ari (at) happypurim.com) if you’ve got any suggestions, or simply add the great ones you’ve seen to the comments below.

I already have a list of 15 or so; I’d like to get a few more before I post them next week. Click Here to see the list of themes.

Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,


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4 Responses to “Mishloach Manot Themes – Purim Basket Themes”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany was one of our themes. We used items that would be good for breakfast such as coffee, oatmeal, breakfast bars and were able to include a coffee mug that we put our sisterhood logo on.

    We did a movie theme one year where the basket was a movie theater popcorn bucket. We filled it with all sorts of goodies that you would get at the movie theater and even were lucky enough to have a dvd donated for each basket.

    Another theme we did was a beach theme for which we used a sand pail as the bucket and filled it with goodies one would eat at the beach along with a puzzle book that they would use at the beach. Believe it or not salt water taffy is kosher.

    I would love to know if anyone else has done a theme based program. All ideas are helpful

  2. happypurim Says:

    I will post a list of at least 20 themes later this week. You may recognize 3 of them 😉
    Thank you so much!
    Happy Purim!

  3. Shoshana Says:

    Its probably a little late but:

    One year I got the cutest mishloach manot. It was one of those ice holders like a silver one filled with clear rock candy and a small bottle of champagne. VERY cute.

    I got a cooking one year filled with small containers of spices and other things associated with cooking and it was all in an oven mit.

    I got one that was themed “7 days of creation” day one: black and white cookies. day 2: bottle of water etc…

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